Congratulations graduates

As we approach the final stages of our academic year with convocation and associated events for graduates, I wish to extend my congratulations to all who will be receiving degrees and certificates on Saturday, May 17. Further, I hope all your dreams and aspirations are realized and that you leave NSCAD with the confidence that the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired or honed over the past four years or so will make a difference.

I should also like to extend my best wishes to our dedicated instructional group for shepherding the academic year to a conclusion. I wish you all a productive research break and an opportunity to enjoy some much-deserved R&R with family and friends.

Last but not least, to our capable support staff and board members who work behind the scenes but whose work is indispensable to the smooth running of the university, a hearty thank you!

Beck Gilmer Osborne

Beck Gilmer-Osborne approaches the microphone after being named the 2014 Starfish Student Art Award winner. (Photo by Eliot Wright).


Artist for a Day on May 10 was a marvelous event, bringing hundreds of people to experience art making at our Port Campus. Here Prof. Neil Forrest assists a future NSCAD student. (Photo by Eliot Wright)


Kids had a blast at Artist for a Day. All the activities were hands on and fun! (Photo by Eliot Wright.)


Another shot from Artist for a Day – this one from the metal shop where people could cast a tin soldier out of pewter. (Photo by Eliot Wright)


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